About Us

The band comes from a diverse range of age and genre backgrounds to create their own original sound. A unique blend of modern hits, blues and rock classics, peppered with original compositions, as they play a high energy show suitable for any age group, that will keep you dancing or toe-tapping the whole show. As one of our avid fans stated, “your grooves cut clean and hard through the genre clutter to grab my ears and soul".
Memorial - Bert Calderon
Founding member Bert Calderon passed in 2016.  We miss you Bert and know you are listening to us from the heavenly sky. Chicago bred and born, “Wailin’ Bert” Calderon brought his roots and style from the home of the blues, Chicago. He had been playing professionally since the age of 15 and spent his teen years in New York around some of the greatest artists of the era. He brought his experience as an accomplished guitar player, arranger, and songwriter to the Wailin' Wolves Band. Having shared stages with the likes of The Young Rascals, the Butterfield Blues Band, The Blues Project, Demian Bell, Randall "Big Daddy Blues" Webster, Jeff Conaway, Spirit, and numerous others, he brought his unique style, a blend of Chicago blues, classic rock, and 60's / 70's rock, to his unique arrangements. He had played at numerous venues from FL to NY, college campuses, and many other festivals and well-known stages. He opened up for The Young Rascals in 1966 at Brooklyn Academy Of Music in NY, has written a number of songs and plays lead, rhythm, and bass guitar, pleasing crowds of all sizes.
"Slim Shaw" From (founder) 
“Slim Shaw” From was the original founder of The Wailin' Wolves band and played a blistering blues harp and added some very soulful vocals and harmonies. "Slim Shaw" has had the largest role in creating the Wailin' Wolves Band signature sound. His harp licks have excited audiences all over the country. He is always willing to share his music as he travels to different areas of the country. He was an integral part of the band and management with an exciting stage presence as he wails on harmonica and delivers soul shaking vocals. His love of the blues and classics shines through in his delivery on stage giving each show a unique experience. Exchanging leads between the harp and guitar evokes a great response from our audiences in every venue we play. He has been influenced by many of the blues greatest artists, including Howlin’ Wolf, Jr. Wells, The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, and more. He plays with tremendous passion emanating his great love of blues and classic rock music. Shaw is a gifted artist who takes his playing and vocals very seriously as he continually strives to improve his skills, variety, and stage presence. He is very well known for his Mick Jagger moves and colorful moves on stage.  Best to you, Shaw in your music achievements on the East Coast of Florida.


Brittany Widener 

Our front woman, female lead vocalist, Brittany Widener, is a young and accomplished vocalist with awesome vocal talent. Her voice has been compared to some of the greatest women singers like Etta James, Susan Tedeschi, Pat Benatar and more. She also adds her singer/ songwriter talent to the band, adding her special influence on all our songs. 


Adam Gaffney

Adam brings multi-years’ experience on bass guitar. We welcome his expertise and grooves to the band. He has played on numerous stages of all sizes and brings with him great experience and expertise.  Adam held down the groove for Charles Aktins for many years. He is also the bass player for the Rockitz.


Jim Graham

Jim brings multi-years’ experience on keyboards, saxophone and vocal. He is well known around the music community and has played with more bands than all of us put together.  We are extremely happy to have Jim with us!

Deb "Sweetgroove" Berlinger

Deb Berlinger, a top blues woman in Tallahassee area for many years. We may even break out double drummers in some of our shows this year. This is a very exciting new addition to our band and we look forward to an amazing year with all this high energy talent


Lenny Widener

Plus our newest addition to the band, Lenny Widener, an experienced guitar expert adding his experience and flare. He is a great addition to the band and helps us to complete our sound.